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 Points Feature

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PostSubject: Points Feature   Wed Jun 24, 2015 1:47 pm

This isn't a rule, but I thought I would let everybody know about the points feature. You can earn points, or "cupcakes," for using our forums!
Wilfred Warfstache Posting a new topic earns 3 cupcakes
Wilfred Warfstache Posting a new reply earns 1 cupcake
Wilfred Warfstache Adding a friend earns 5 cupcakes
Wilfred Warfstache Posting a comment on a user's profile earns 2 cupcakes
Like a Star @ heaven In addition, you may notice a small + or - sign in the right-hand corner of everyone else's posts. This is so you can vote up or down on a post.
Wilfred Warfstache If someone casts a vote up on one of your posts, you will gain a point of reputation, or "street cred" as well as one cupcake
Wilfred Warfstache If someone casts a vote down on your post, you will lose a point of street cred.
Wilfred Warfstache When someone replies to a topic you wrote, you can thank them with a "Thanks" button. If someone thanks your reply, you will earn 3 points of street cred and 3 cupcakes! So be sure to post, reply, and thank often!
sunny You must be a member to earn cupcakes, street cred and to vote. Unregistered guests cannot view members' point stats. So sign up to our forum!  cat
This is just for fun, so have a good time, everybody! I love you Mistress Magic


Wilfred Warfstache Hello, lovely! Admin. Mistress Magic, at your service! Don't hesitate to let me know if you need help!
The image was made by Ashleigh (Cutieplier) Like a Star @ heaven
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Points Feature
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