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 Points Feature

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PostSubject: Points Feature   Points Feature EmptyWed Jun 24, 2015 1:47 pm

This isn't a rule, but I thought I would let everybody know about the points feature. You can earn points, or "cupcakes," for using our forums!
Wilfred Warfstache Posting a new topic earns 3 cupcakes
Wilfred Warfstache Posting a new reply earns 1 cupcake
Wilfred Warfstache Adding a friend earns 5 cupcakes
Wilfred Warfstache Posting a comment on a user's profile earns 2 cupcakes
Like a Star @ heaven In addition, you may notice a small + or - sign in the right-hand corner of everyone else's posts. This is so you can vote up or down on a post.
Wilfred Warfstache If someone casts a vote up on one of your posts, you will gain a point of reputation, or "street cred" as well as one cupcake
Wilfred Warfstache If someone casts a vote down on your post, you will lose a point of street cred.
Wilfred Warfstache When someone replies to a topic you wrote, you can thank them with a "Thanks" button. If someone thanks your reply, you will earn 3 points of street cred and 3 cupcakes! So be sure to post, reply, and thank often!
sunny You must be a member to earn cupcakes, street cred and to vote. Unregistered guests cannot view members' point stats. So sign up to our forum!  cat
This is just for fun, so have a good time, everybody! I love you Mistress Magic

Points Feature Untitled-3_zpsfvhgcklb
Wilfred Warfstache Hello, lovely! Admin. Mistress Magic, at your service! Don't hesitate to let me know if you need help!
The image was made by Ashleigh (Cutieplier) Like a Star @ heaven
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Points Feature
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